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102 W. Main St. Berne, IN 46711


Wednesday, February 9 @ 3:00 pm

Commercial Property is Offered in 2 Tracts bidding individually or as a combination.

TRACT 1: Consists of a 16,000 sqft Commercial Building with 8,000 sqft Partial Basement

TRACT 2: Consists of a 15,872 Blacktop Parking Lot with 48 Spaces.

Visiting Nurse is selling the property due to operations consolidating to the Fort Wayne main office.  We want to maintain a small office in Berne for staff to drop in for training and supplies.  We also operate a palliative clinic in the location twice a month to serve Adams County palliative patients.

Lot 1 - TRACT 1: 16,000 sqft Commercial Building with Partial Basement
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TRACT 1: 16,000 sqft Commercial Building with Partial Basement TRACT #1 Consist of a 16,000 Sq. Ft Commercial Building that is in excellent condition. with an addition 8,000 Sq. Ft of basement storage space and 4,063 AADT count in 2020.  The property can easily be subdivided for multiple tenants. Currently the property has one tenant Kelp Pharmacy, that has a 1 year lease and has expressed interest in extending their lease.  The remaining space is subdivided into multiple private offices , conference rooms, break rooms and more.  The building has an elevator system that has recently passed Indiana State operation requirements.  The building has several entrances which allow the building to be subdivided for multiple tenants.   Former owners include the Bank of Berne Corporate office and  Family Life Care Corporate office.  the interior as well as the exterior of this building is in excellent condition and a tenant or owner occupant could move in immediately
Lot 2 - TRACT 2: 15,872 sqft Paved Parking Lot
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TRACT 2: 15,872 sqft Paved Parking Lot TRACT #2 Consists of a 15,872 sqft lighted blacktop parking that is located at the south west corner of North Jefferson street and West Franklin Street. Lot lines are fading but still visible. The lot measures approx.  132' x 132' and has 48 parking spots
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